For happier and healthier teams

Evermood helps companies to create a culture in which employees feel supported and valued at all times.
Session Evermood Office
“We founded Evermood to provide employees with the best possible support for all their concerns so that they can develop their full potential.”

Our DNA is what makes us unique

We live and act by our shared values:

Do good

Our daily actions are guided by integrity and respect. We want to have a positive influence on the lives of the people around us. We are aware of our social responsibility and place great value on honesty and sustainability in all our relationships.


As a collective, we are unstoppable. Open communication, unconditional trust and mutual support are the pillars of our work. We help others to do their best and combine our strengths to achieve our goals as a team.

Strive to grow

Every day we strive to be the best version of ourselves. We always remain curious and hungry, and face challenges with open arms. As a team, we are innovative and disruptive. We leave room for mistakes and new ideas in order to learn and become better.

Choose diversity

We not only welcome diversity, but actively seek it. Because our diversity is what makes us one-of-a-kind. We are unyielding in our efforts to bring together talents with different backgrounds, genders, ages, religions, identities, orientations and experiences in order to create greatness.

Make it your own

We take full responsibility for tasks and projects and make them our own. If we want to create something great, it is up to us to make it happen. We approach obstacles with enthusiasm and solve problems proactively.

Evermood Team