Evermood vs EAP

What distinguishes Evermood from EAPs?

Evermood and Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs) are both solutions that provide professional help to employees in stressful situations. EAPs enable employees to contact the right person by phone, email or in person. Integrated into the company’s health management system, such external employee consultations help companies to offer immediate help and reduce sick leave. With Evermood we pursue the same goal, but adopt a more preventive approach: Healthy routines and a comprehensive toolkit enable employees to strengthen their health and resilience continuously. In addition, Evermood offers the possibility of including existing EAPs, internal confidants and public helplines in the support area within the app.

In the following you will find a comparison between Evermood and EAP service providers.

The following comparison is based on website information of various EAP providers. Information may vary for individual providers. (As of: 16.03.2020)

Target groupB2BB2B
or at specific times
Funding by health insurancesyes,
§20b SGB V
Technical implementationnative appvaries
(phone, personal, chat)
Technical requirementsiOS or android smartphones-
Company Features
Focuscorporate health promotionindividual consulting
Corporate health analysis
evaluation of received cases
Psychological stress assessmentvaries
Integration of existing offers-
Company-wide challenges-
Trainings for managers
Workshops for employees
User Features
Healthy routines-
Tracking of progress-
Stress prevention exercises
comprehensive toolkit for daily work
Personal help
internal confidants,
public counselling offices,
EAP service provider

* Price per active user & month (company with 200 employees)

Why Evermood

Evermood helps make mental well-being an integral part of your company’s DNA to create a healthier and more productive environment. The app provides daily activities and mindfulness exercises that help employees to strengthen their health and enhance their resilience and productivity. In particularly stressful situations, Evermood facilitates consultations with professional confidants directly through the app or through EAP service providers that can easily be integrated.

Continuous analyses help you identify patterns in your team’s health, enabling you to implement appropriate measures to reduce sick leave and fluctuation caused by psychological stress.

Evermood allows you to combine all your health promotion efforts in a single app – making it the digital health companion for you and your team.

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