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Evermood is an app for mental well-being, which is used in organizations to promote corporate culture. The mobile app enables employees to develop healthy routines and integrate them into their daily life. Relaxation exercises and personal help from confidants are available for situations of acute stress. With its holistic approach, Evermood helps to strengthen the general well-being of teams, reduce sick leave and increase productivity.
The seamless combination of health-promoting tools enables managers to increase team productivity and reduce absenteeism and fluctuation caused by longterm illness. On the cultural level, Evermood increases the identification and loyalty of employees with the company.

As a health manager you will receive anonymous analyses of user behavior, giving you vital insights into the your company’s workplace climate. In addition to the assessment of risks for employee mental health, the integration of EAP service providers and other advisory services is also possible.

In the HR department, Evermood helps acquire new talents. In a highly competitive labour market, top talents place great importance on an environment in which they can develop their full potential and continue to grow. By offereing Evermood as an employee benefit, your company emphasizes the importance of a corporate culture in which belonging and appreciation are paramount.

Evermood is specifically tailored to the needs of employees and can be integrated into the daily work routine in a meaningful way.

The content and topics available in the app help to reduce work-related stress and prevent longterm illnesses. All routines and exercises have been specifically designed to take up as little time as possible and can also be used directly in the workplace. Besides this preventive approach, Evermood offers a direct link to professional help in case of health and work-related problems. Furthermore, the app focuses on the sense of community. Through company-wide goals and meaningful gamification aspects, we promote team spirit within the company.

The provision of detailed usage analyses for corporate health management presents an additional advantage. The insights can be used for reporting and help with developing further health-promoting measures.

As a direct offer from employers to employees, Evermood ultimately represents a significant employee benefit. The offer, which is free of charge for employees, helps employer branding and increases the general satisfaction within the company.

Direct comparisons to other offers can be found at the bottom of the page.

Evermood is currently available in German and English. We constantly work on adding new languages. For specific language requests please email us at
Of course! You can test Evermood with up to three accounts. Afterwards, you have the possibility to start a four-week trial phase with a selected group of your employees to put make sure the app is the right fit for your team. Contact us for further information.

Using the Evermood App

To sustainably promote one’s health and well-being with Evermood, consistent use is essential. We promote engagement in several ways:

  • We provide you with extensive communication campaigns to introduce your teams to the advantages and the range of functions of Evermood. These include posters, flyers and internal newsletters. In this way you effectively promote the acceptance and trust of your employees in the app. If you wish, we are happy to introduce Evermood personally within your company.
  • Within the app, teams can also regularly participate in company-wide challenges. These challenges strengthen unity and motivate employees to effectively develop healthy routines.
  • Further motivation is provided through individual smartphone notifications for each goal. As an admin, you can also send individual push notifications about health offers, surveys and other updates to promote interaction with Evermood.

These measures, combined with continuous analysis and optimization based on your feedback, guarantee that your employees consistently engage with Evermood.

Evermood offers a great deal of helpful content to strengthen the well-being of your employees. Topics include positive thinking, a healthy nutrition, exercise, focus and mindfulness.

The available content is continuously updated and employees will find regularly updated routines and exercises to choose from. In addition to daily inspirations in the form of quotes and facts, we frequently present new challenges and meditations that promote constant interaction with the app.

It’s important to us that your team knows exactly what support Evermood offers. That’s why we are always personally available during the onboarding. In our resources you will also find a lot of helpful information for the integration and use of Evermood in your company. Additionally, we provide attractive print media and if you wish, a personal introduction of Evermood within your company.
Yes, we always want to offer employees the greatest flexibility possible. Therefore, they are free to choose at what times they want to be reminded of their individual goals.

You can create individual workspaces for different company locations, departments or teams— allowing you to filter analyses and evaluations accordingly. However, a workspace must have at least five active users in order to use the filter function. This way we can provide you with relevant results and at the same time guarantee employee anonymity.

Example: “Rockstar Consulting Ltd.” has offices in Berlin, London and Barcelona. The health management wants to find out the state of health of the employees at the different locations and which support measures can be derived.

The company chooses the three workspaces “Rockstar_Berlin”, “Rockstar_London” and “Rockstar_Barcelona”. Employees can only join the workspace corresponding to their location. This enables site-specific filtering of the evaluations and enables the appropriate action planning.

With additional workspaces, the company can also filter by different departments if desired – e.g. “Rockstar_Berlin_IT” and “Rockstar_Berlin_HR”.

In addition to preventive support, Evermood offers employees direct help in stressful situations. For this purpose, existing contact information from confidants can be integrated into the app with just a few clicks. In addition, Evermood serves as an interface for external EAP service providers and public advice centres. This way, employees can quickly and easily find all help offers bundled in one place.

Companies have the ability to set up Admins and Workspace-Admins.

  • Admins: Have access to all company-wide data.
  • Workspace-Admins: Only have access to their workspace’s data .

Please note that all information that admins and workspace admins can access is completely anonymized or pseudonymized and and cannot be traced back to individual users.

Learn more about data privacy and data security at Evermood.

Privacy & Data Security

At Evermood, we take data security very seriously. We therefore use the highest security standards to provide the best possible protection. You can find all relevant information on issues such as confidentiality, compliance, access logging and other security procedures in our detailed Security Practices.

If you would like to know more about which subcontractors we use, you can find extensive information on our Evermood Subcontractors page.

We process and store all data in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Employers can only view anonymized or pseudonymized data. We ensure that no direct conclusion on the data or behavior of individual users can be drawn at any time.

Anonymization means that the data is changed in such a way that it can no longer be traced back to individual persons.

Pseudonymization means that the data is aggregated or replaced by other identifiers.

Employers receive this data in an aggregated form and structurally processed so that they can better understand the current level of health and take appropriate measures.

Important: To protect the identity of the users, employers will only receive an aggregated summary of the data if at least five active users are part of a workspace.

Technical Questions

There are no special technical requirements for the integration of Evermood. If Evermood is to be introduced in the company, we create appropriate workspaces and provide all necessary information for employees.

Employees can easily download Evermood from the App Store or the Google Play Store to their technical devices.

Evermood is not a typical company app. Since we run our services in our own cloud environment and do not have an interface to daily tasks of employees, employers can generally allow Evermood to be used on private devices.

In rare cases it may happen that the use is still not permitted. We are happy to inform you and your team about alternative uses.

Pricing & Payment

The pricing model is a monthly, active user-based license fee.
According to § 20b SGB V Evermood is a service offer for operational health promotion and is subsidized by health insurance companies in Germany. This means that up to 60% of the costs may be compensated.
We will gladly coordinate with the health insurance companies for you. In order to check how much of the costs will be covered, we will first send you a Letter of Intent, which you need to fill out. It authorizes us to discuss the conditions with the respective health insurance company and to inform you about any reimbursement of costs.
Yes. We offer special conditions for large teams. If you would like to find out more, please contact our sales team.

Yes. If you have decided on a monthly payment, you can change the payment method to “annually” later.

To conclude a contract, a 1-year contract with a 1-month special right of termination is agreed upon. Within the first month the customer can cancel the 1-year contract and only has to pay the first month.

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties to the contract, the contract period is 12 months.

If the contract is not cancelled at least one month before the end of the contract period, the contract period is extended by 12 months.

The termination can be made via e-mail or in writing.

User FAQs

General Questions

Evermood is an employee benefit that offers you the opportunity to develop healthy routines and strengthen your well-being. In acute stress situations you will find different relaxation exercises for stress management. In addition, you have the opportunity to take advantage of personal support directly through the app.

As a digital companion, Evermood helps you to minimize stress at work and to develop your full potential for a healthier and happier life.

If your company uses Evermood, you will receive the name for your corporate workspace. You can then download Evermood as an app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone. You sign in using the workspace name and your work email address. We will then send you a code for verification. Enter this code into the app to unlock secure access to your workspace. From this moment on you can use the full functionality of Evermood.

Having problems with registration? Your manager or the human resources department will be happy to help you in this case.

The content in Evermood is designed so that you can use it whenever you want. Depending on the situation, certain goals and exercises are particularly useful. You can include some goals in your morning routine and achieve them in the morning, while others are good for the evening. We recommend opening the app at least once in the morning and evening to check off your goals for the day and select new goals if necessary. In addition, you can use the app at appropriate moments in your daily life— for example, during long waits, on the way to work or between meetings. By using these moments for relaxation, you not only increase your concentration, but also strengthen your general well-being.

Yes, if you use multiple devices, we will continuously synchronize your progress. You can install Evermood on your work device as well as on your private smartphone. Please note that Evermood is currently not available for Tablets.

At Evermood we take data security very seriously and use the highest security standards to provide the best possible protection. Therefore, we encrypt all data generated by the use of our app when sending it to our servers. This way we ensure that data traffic and data storage is always secure.

We also use various other methods to ensure that your data is protected. You can learn more about security in our website under Security Practices.

Yes. We always want to give you the greatest possible flexibility. Therefore, you are free to decide at what time you would like to be reminded of your goals.

Profile & Account

Of course. Please send us an e-mail to We will then deactivate your account, delete all existing data and send you a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours during weekdays.

Employers can only view anonymized or pseudonymized data. We ensure that a direct conclusion on the data or behavior of individual users cannot be drawn at any time.

Anonymization means that the data is changed in such a way that it can no longer be traced back to individual persons.

Pseudonymization means that the data is aggregated or replaced by other identifiers.

Your employer receives this data in aggregated form and structurally processed so that the current level of health and culture can be better understood and appropriate measures can be taken.

Important: To protect your identity, your employer will only receive an aggregated summary of the data if at least five active users are part of a workspace.

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