Healthy teams trust Evermood

With the Evermood app, your teams integrate healthy routines into their daily work.

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Covid-19 Support

We are here for you and your team

Even if the world around us is changing rapidly, this does not mean that we should lose our calm.

Routines as individual as your team

In Evermood, employees can find helpful health routines that fit their individual needs and interests.

Understand the health status of your team

Our evaluations help you to sustainably increase the mental well-being of your team using targeted measures.

Evermood API

Professional help is now just one click away

Through Evermood, employees receive personal and professional support in all situations. Simply integrate 24/7 helplines, EAP service providers or internal confidants into the app.

How many employees work in your organization?



are currently struggling with some form of mental health issue.


are lost per year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.


is the annual cost of ill-mental health including absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover.

Let’s talk about health

Schedule a short demo and find out how Evermood can strengthen the mental well-being of your team.

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