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Evermood is your People Support Management software for efficient employee assistance in all situations.

Bring together helpful resources, experts and comprehensive analyses to support your teams like never before.

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People Support Management (PSM)

A PSM allows organizations to manage and analyze their employee support services. It focuses on employee retention and uses data evaluations of employee concerns to promote culture and health in the workplace.
For all situations

Create the work environment your employees love

As a digital solution Evermood makes it easier for your employees to ask for help and find the right support for any concern they might have.

Customize the software by offering support for topics that are important to you and your teams – be it health-related concerns, diversity and inclusion issues, compliance or career questions.

How do I respond to prejudices?
How do I tell my manager that I am overworked?
How do I address sexual harassment in the workplace?
How do I identify bullying in the workplace?
Do I drink too much alcohol?
How can I tell if a colleague has an addiction problem?
Self-test: Am I at risk of burnout?
Helpful Ressources
Helpful resources

Preventive support as unique as your people

No matter the concern – in Evermood employees will always find the right help.

Create your own knowledge base by uploading guidelines and self-help articles directly to Evermood. Provide answers for employees with common questions and adress concerns before problems arise.

Expert consultations

The right confidant is now just a few clicks away

Some matters require further assistance. By choosing their preferred way of communication, employees can easily consult a confidant of their choice – both personally and anonymously.

Facilitate the best support possible by integrating internal confidants, external EAPs and Evermood experts directly into the platform.

Qualified Experts
Live-Chat with Experts
Detailed Statistics
Comprehensive analyses

Detailed reports for valuable insights

Evermood provides detailed documentation and reporting on all support requests.

Gather valuable insights that help with your decision-making and optimize your support services based on what your employees really need to be healthy and happy.

Award-winning solution

As an innovative PSM software, Evermood offers employees the best possible support around the clock and was awarded the first prize in the field of Mediation and Conflict Management by the Roundtable Mediation and Conflict Management and the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Von RTMKM & BMJV ausgezeichnete Mitarbeiterunterstützung
Mitarbeiterunterstützung bei der Stadt Aachen
Stadt Aachen

”Evermood helps us to process incoming support requests effectively by bringing together all existing services and confidants in one tool.”

— Wolfgang Pauels
Chief Digital Officer, City of Aachen
Because your teams deserve the best support