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The registration process in Evermood


Before your team signs up for Evermood, we prepare the onboarding together with you. For this purpose, we first set up individual workspaces for your company. These allow your employees to access the app content. You can organize workspaces by locations, teams or departments.


Your employees download the Evermood app from the AppleStore or GooglePlay Store to their smartphones. Directly afterwards, they can open the app for the initial registration.

User onboarding

In the first step of the registration process, employees enter the workspace name, which they have received beforehand as part of our communication campaign. In our example, the workspace is called evermood.

For a secure registration, employees enter their business email address in the next step and agree to our terms and conditions and data protection guidelines.

To verify the registration, employees receive an email with a four-digit PIN. After entering the PIN in the app, they can access their workspace and use Evermood to its full extent.

The first goal

Studies show that as long as we establish a daily routine, it is not important which specific goals we pursue. That is why Evermood offers users the possibility to customize their goals. To do this, they first decide on a topic that interests them most. Users can change their selection or add additional categories at any time. In our example we have chosen Mindfulness.

Based on their selected area of interest, users receive suggestions for appropriate goals, from which they can choose the most suitable ones. It is important that users start with one goal and only gradually build a routine of multiple goals. In our example, the goal “Be grateful” was selected.

After picking a goal, users can decide on which days and at what time they want to be reminded to complete it. Users can choose the time that works best for them separately for each goal and receive appropriate notifications directly on their smartphone.

The first goal has now been created and will appear in the My Goals area. This step completes the initial registration.

Add a new goal to Evermood

Einstieg in Evermood

Hier findest du eine Anleitung um Evermood optimal zu nutzen.

Getting started with Evermood

Here you can find instructions on how to use Evermood to its full potential.
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