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Evermood for users

Evermood is a company app for healthy and productive teams. With Evermood, teams learn to better cope with stress, increase their productivity and enhance their general well-being. In this article you’ll learn how employees can use the app to its full potential everyday.

Our user is Max:

  • Max works for Rockstar Consulting Inc. and has just been promoted to Team Lead.
  • The promotion means more responsibility, which is associated with difficult and stressful situations, especially in the beginning.
  • Max would like to attend workshops that help with this, but due to the high workload and many off-site appointments, he can’t make the time.

Since his employer offers Evermood as a health promotion tool, Max uses the app in his everyday work to better cope with the new situation and protect his mental well-being:

My Goals

The My Goals area is always the first thing Max sees when he opens the app. Here he finds his personal routines in the form of daily goals, which he picked based on his personal interests. After his promotion, Max wants to learn how to deal with stress and work in a more focused way. He has selected “Meditate regularly” and “Restore your focus” as his first goals.

Max has committed himself to meditate for 5 minutes every Monday before he leaves the house. In the My goals area he is reminded of his goal. As soon as Max has completed one of his goals, he can easily tap on it and check it off. By now, meditating has become a habit and Max enjoys recording his achievements in the app.

Regularly published articles on various topics such as back pain, nutrition or stress management provide Max with additional knowledge and useful techniques. In the first article, for example, Max learns how he can easily develop healthy routines and manage to stick to them.

Add goals

By clicking on Add Goals, Max finds a wide range of activities that are beneficial to his physical and mental well-being. When he taps on a goal, a more detailed description opens. It provides him with additional information and motivating facts that underscore the added value of the goal.

Once Max has made a selection, he can add it to his personal goals and set a notification. Evermood will remind him to complete his goal at the selected time.

The goals are designed in a way that they can be easily integrated into Max’ daily work. He can complete them within minutes – for example, on the way to work or during short breaks at the office. In the long term, by continuously achieving his goals Max develops healthy routines that soon feel completely natural to him.

The Toolkit

In the Toolkit, Max finds exercises that help him in particularly stressful situations. For example, he might want to lower his stress level before his first meeting as Team Lead, so he can go in more relaxed and focused.

The stress-relief breathing exercise is the perfect choice in this situation. The guided audio exercise takes only a few minutes and helps Max collect his thoughts and calm his nerves.


As Team Lead, Max takes on a lot of responsibility for the company and its employees. This can lead to difficult situations in which Max would like to have a direct contact person.

Evermood’s Support area shows Max all contact points that he can get in touch with in case of questions or problems. These may include internal confidants and ombudspersons as well as external EAP service providers and public helplines.

This way, Max can quickly and easily find all available help offers in one place.

evermood chat examples

Evermood Chat

If Max has an urgent matter he wants to communicate directly through the app, he can use the Chat function. Evermood Chat is integrated into the Support area of the app and provides Max with a safe space where he can address various issues and receive advice. Asking simple questions through an anonymous chat, Evermood Chat helps Max to better assess his situation and connects him to a confidant if desired.

evermood chat examples

By developing healthy routines and receiving personal assistance in challenging situations, Max can handle stress better and is more productive. In his new role as Team Lead, Max is well supported by Evermood.

Getting started with Evermood

Here you can find instructions on how to use Evermood to its full potential.
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