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Make employee assistance an integral part of your company’s DNA and create the workplace environment your employees expect from you.

1 out of 2 employees remains silent when they experience conflicts at work.
Deloitte 2020 & Forsa 2018
3 out of 5 employees expect more digital help and advice from their employer.
BgC e.V. & Inter 2018
4 out of 5 employees do not know the person responsible for workplace conflicts.
LinkedIn 2019
Stress at the workplace
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Combine all your services in one place

Bring your consulting and support services together in our platform across locations. Identify your employees’ challenges early on and create a working environment that is characterized by appreciation and trust.

Streamline processes and minimize costs

Reduce your communication efforts and increase the use of existing support services in your company. With Evermood you also enable easy and time-saving collaboration between internal and external contact persons.


Fulfill your legal obligations

Comply with all legal obligations and identify potential risks before cost-intensive financial and image damage occurs. 

Work in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive and meet the extensive requirements of the GDPR and ePVO (ePrivacy Regulation).

Boost your workplace culture

“Evermood is a great solution for promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. As a low-threshold communication channel, Evermood helps to identify blind spots early on, reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias and increase productivity.”

Mayra Frank, Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead

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