Because everyone benefits from a healthy culture

Evermood helps make mental well-being an integral part of your company’s DNA to create a healthier and more productive environment.

Take the right steps at the right time

Continuous analysis helps you identify patterns in your team’s well-being, allowing you to implement appropriate measures and minimize illnes due to psychological stress.

Turn Right


Our short and interactive routines can be integrated effortlessly into the daily work routine.


Using our app, employees have access to helpful content any time and anywhere.
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Connect existing health services, EAP providers and internal confidants with just one click.

Mental well-being made easy

Evermood helps teams relax, reduce stress and increase productivity. Unite all your measures for mental well-being in a single app:

  • Long-term support through interactive exercises
  • Professional help from experts and internal confidants
  • Integration of existing services and EAP providers
  • Assessment of mental health risks in the workplace

Your data is safe with us

Mental health is a sensitive issue. Therefore, protecting privacy and personal data is a matter close to our hearts. We make sure our data protection standards are always in line with the law.

Take the first step!

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