Workplace Health Promotion

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Health in the workplace

Please note: This article is primarily relevant for companies located in Germany, as it specifically takes under consideration the German income tax and health insurance regulations.

Corporate health management is a holistic concept to ensure the health of your company and ranges from workplace health promotion (“WHP“) measures, to the implementation of a operational reintegration management program (“OIM”) and the conduction of a risk assessment of mental stress (“RAMS”). Evermood offers all of these services in one platform.

§ 5 ArbSchG
§ 20b SGB V
§ 167 II SGB IV
Primary Prevention*
§ 20a SGB V

*service not yet covered by Evermood

Workplace health promotion

In this article we explain how you can use Evermood as a service for workplace health promotion (WHP) in your company, in accordance with § 20b SGB V.

What is workplace health promotion?

Workplace health promotion is a holistic concept that involves the physical, mental and social well-being of all employees in an organization, aiming to “design structural conditions at the workplace in a way that promotes health”. In this context, a distinction is made between context- and behavior-related measures.

The respective fields of action are derived from an analysis of health risks that identifies your company’s specific needs.

Context-related measuresBehavior-related measures
Support for establishing and strengthening health-promoting structures, e.g.:Information, motivation and knowledge transfer, e.g.:
Advice on reorganizing health-relevant conditionsOffers promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, etc.
Training of multipliersTraining of social and emotional skills, information on addiction risks and addiction prevention
Networking with other regional institutionsOffers for stress management, fostering health skills

Good to know: Evermood is implemented as a behavior-related measure in companies.

Topics of workplace health promotion

  • Shortage of skilled professionals
  • Employee motivation, leadership
  • Complex and changing work requirements
  • Dealing with mental stress
  • Absenteeism due to illness
  • Staff fluctuation

Goals of corporate health promotion

workplace health promotion focuses on clearly defined goals. Its purpose is to anchor health as a guiding principle in the organization as well as in the private lives of employees, and to support them in developing health-promoting behavior. The approach aims to achieve a long-term effect through regular learning cycles. Sustainably integrated in the culture of a company, it is meant to empower employees to make healthy changes in their everyday lives.

Ziele der Betrieblichen Gesundheitsförderung

Die Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung verfolgt klar definierte Ziele. Sie dient dazu, Gesundheit sowohl in der Arbeitswelt als auch im Privatleben von Mitarbeitenden als Leitbild zu verankern und sie bei der Entwicklung gesundheitsförderlicher Verhaltensweisen zu unterstützen. Die Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung zielt dabei auf einen langfristigen Effekt durch regelmäßige Lernzyklen ab. Nachhaltig in der Kultur von Unternehmen integriert, soll sie Mitarbeitende auf diese Weise dazu befähigen, gesunde Änderungen im Alltag zu schaffen.

Workplace health promotion pays off

Investing in a holistic workplace health promotion program is advisable, as it ensures a sustainable corporate culture that highly values belonging and appreciation. Every Euro invested yields a return of EUR 2.70. (BGF Institut für Betriebliche Gesundheit, 2019).

Reduced absenteeism

A working environment with a tailored corporate health promotion program helps to identify challenges for employees at an early stage. This can reduce absenteeism by up to 25% (BGF Institute für Betriebliche Gesundheit, 2019).

Increased willingness and ability to perform

Healthy employees are efficient employees (BGF Institut für Betriebliche Gesundheit, 2019). A positive and healthy workplace culture makes it possible to establish healthy habits and increases employees’ commitment to perform.

Enhanced productivity

The increased willingness and ability to perform is complemented by an increase in productivity. Healthier employees can better deal with stress and emotions and are much more focused (PwC’s Corporate Well-Being Report Shows Why Wellness Matters, 2020).

Improved employer branding

For 85% of employees, behavior-related health benefits are an important criterion when evaluating a potential new job (2019 Workforce Attitudes Toward Behavioural Health, 2019).

Strengthened competitiveness

Investments in corporate health promotion increase the employer’s attractiveness and help to attract young talents, as well as to retain them in the long term (2019 Workforce Attitudes Toward Behavioural Health, 2019).

Workplace health promotion with Evermood

The process of workplace health promotion is a cycle that is divided into four steps. Using Evermood, you can cover each of these steps in a practical way.

workplace health promotion with evermood

In the following, we present the structure of the individual phases in detail. Evermood always adapts to your individual stage within the health promotion process: If you are at the very beginning of the cycle, start with phase 1. If you have already concerned yourself with the concept and decided to introduce it in your company, you’ll ideally meet the requirements of phase 1 and can proceed directly to phase 2.

Step 1: Analysis of the current situation

The initial analysis is divided into preparation, setting up structures and analysis of health-related factors.


In the preparation phase, it is important to create a common understanding of the topic of corporate health promotion. This serves as a basis for the decision to introduce the process in your company. Once all stakeholders have reached a common understanding, the corporate health promotion process with Evermood can begin.

Setting up structures

In individual workshops, we develop a comprehensive framework for corporate health promotion in your company together. Our workshops will give you a basic understanding of the entire process of corporate health promotion and the related organizational structures. At this point, it helps to establish a steering committee or a working group on health that controls and coordinates the entire process. The steering committee agrees on the health risks that should be considered as well as the resources and areas for action. Together with you, we define objectives for the process and reach a consensus on how to proceed.


The aim of the analysis is to determine the current state of health and to derive the need for action from the results. This requires a comprehensive survey of the employees. The results of this survey help define your company’s current situation. From this data basis, the respective fields for measurement planning emerge.

We advise you on all details and provide you with validated and ready-to-use polls for your analysis. On request, we work with you to create a customized questionnaire that is tailored exactly to your needs. With Evermood, carrying out the digital survey is completely automated. For this purpose, all employees will be notified about the poll in the app. Additionally, employees who don’t regularly use Evermood will be informed via email about the web-based survey.

In our dashboard, you’ll find the survey results in a clear and structured format.

Dashboard for the RAMS with Evermood

You already have a suitable data basis from an alternative source? No problem – we are happy to use any existing data to initiate an extensive action plan together with you.

You would like to have an individualized survey questionnaire? Please contact our sales team for further information.

Step 2: Action planning

After the analysis is completed, you’ll receive a clear evaluation of all the data in the Evermood Dashboard. This way, the otherwise time-consuming interpretation and evaluation of the collected data is conveniently automated. As a next step, we’ll define a time frame for implementing appropriate measures together with you. The Evermood app represents one measure of the action plan.

Step 3: Implementation

We support you throughout the implementation of the specified measures. This includes, for example, daily goals within the Evermood app that are tailored to the employees’ respective fields of work. Regular, company-wide health challenges and workshops on various topics such as mindfulness also serve to implement the action plan.

Step 4: Evaluation

With Evermood, you ensure a consistent alignment between your efforts and your goals. For this purpose, we evaluate your employees’ progress on a quarterly basis. As a health or HR manager, you then receive reports on the current state of health in the team and the effectiveness of the implemented measures. With individual workshops, we support you with the analysis of the evaluated data.

Based on the results of the reports, we determine the need for action in the subsequent health promotion cycles. From here you can go back to phase 1 and define new fields of action with the help of Evermood. This way, you ensure a holistic approach to corporate health promotion and a continuous success monitoring of your measures.

Getting started with Evermood

Here you can find instructions on how to use Evermood to its full potential.
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